Pops and Sunshine will make the reader    
  laugh, cry, and cheer. Anyone who has 
  lost a loved one too soon or faced high
  hurdles in his or her own life will be
  captivated by this touching story. It will
  appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike.

  It is written by Dave Andrews, a
  Harvard-educated former television
  news reporter. Dave is an avid golfer
  who has become a fan of the
  Duramed FUTURES Tour. His home
  course in New Hampshire is annually the
  site of one of the tour’s events.

  His inspiration for the novel came from
  meeting many of the young aspiring
  women golfers on the tour.
  (see Photos Page)
  Each of them had a passion, dedication,
  and determination that he found
  remarkable. Dave's novel is the
  fictionalization of the dream that these
  young women share.

              "A compelling,
         heart-warming story"
               About the author             
            Scenes from the 2007
             "USI Championship"
  the Duramed FUTURES Tour event
    at Beaver Meadow Golf Course
      in Concord, New Hampshire

The author with FUTURES Tour Pro, Amy Schmucker
Pops and Sunshine
Dave Andrews

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