A Touching Golf Story Worth Reading

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I have to admit that my biggest shortcoming in 381/2 years as a sports writer has been not reading enough. Oh, there was a steady stream of weekly and monthly sports publications to stay in tune with my job, but not enough outside the box.

But while vacationing this week, I took the time to read "Pops and Sunshine." It's centered on the Duramed Futures Tour but is a terrific story of love, loss, dreams and determination, as the jacket cover says.

I met the author, Dave Andrews of Concord, N.H., at the CIGNA Futures Golf Classic at Gillette Ridge Golf Club in Bloomfield. He has followed the Futures Tour for several years and caddied for Amy Schmucker, a playing partner in one of the Gillette pro-ams. Dave and Amy were delightful and energetic folks, and I recommend the book for inspiration. If you don't shed a few tears along the nearly 300 pages, you're not human. My daughter, Brooke, warned me, and she was right. So to those in blogland, consider yourself warned.

The book is available at http://popsandsunshine.com, and Dave can be reached at popsandsunshine@comcast.net. Dave hopes to turn the book into a screen play, and I wish the Harvard-educated former TV news reporter good lucky.


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