Reader Comments
  I received your book in the mail yesterday. I figured I would read
  a few chapters to get acquanted. 18 chapters later at one in the
  morning I put it down. Not because I wanted to but because I
  had to get some sleep. Before I got out of bed this morning,
  I finished the remaining 10 Chapters. One of the few books I
  have read where I didn't want to put it down until I was finished.
  Congratulations, you have a winner! It brought about all 
  emotions. I laughed out loud and cried to myself as I read it.
  You don't have to love golf to appreciate what a great read this
  Dave Clark
  PGA Golf Instructor
  Windermere, Florida  

  I was captivated by the love story. I couldn't put it down and
  read it in one afternoon and a night. I loved it! I'll be looking 
  forward to the sequel.
  Dana Lacey
  Professional Golfer
  Perth, Western Australia
  Ladies European Tour player

  I loved the book. She (the main character)
  kind of reminded me of myself in places.
  Elizabeth Stuart
  Professional Golfer
  Tampa, Florida
  Duramed FUTURES Tour player

  I really enjoyed it. My mother said she cried when she
  read it. I can't wait for the day when I walk into a
  bookstore and see it on the shelves.
  Amy Schmucker
  Professional Golfer
  Cold Spring, Minnesota
  Duramed FUTURES Tour player

  I was reading it on a flight, and I was crying
  so much other passengers asked me if I was OK.
  I loved it.
  Jessica Carafiello
  Professional Golfer
  Coral Springs, Florida
  Duramed FUTURES Tour player

Once I picked up and started reading Pops and Sunshine, I
  could not put it down. As a golf coach for many years it struck
  me not as a fictitious tale but one that could very well be true.
  There are a lot of stories out there and Dave has captured the
  essence of a great read. If this novel does not touch you then
  you are not a true golfer.
  Todd Selders
  Head Women's Golf Coach
  Southern Methodist University

  I finished the book and loved it! I am passing it on to others.
  Thanks very much for sharing it with me.
  Kelley Hester
  Head Women's Golf Coach
  University of Georgia

  I loved the book! My wife is reading it now. We at the University 
  of Tulsa have three players who will be going to the tour
  qualifying school next season, and I am sure this will be a very
  interesting read for them too.
  Randy Keck
  Head Women's Golf Coach
  University of Tulsa

  I couldn't put it down. You have a great talent for
  painting word pictures, something that keeps a reader
  hanging. I will also say that it is one of the most emotional
  books I have ever read.
  What a love story!
  Glen Kirk
  Yes! Golf
  Fort Worth, Tx.

  I must tell you I had a difficult time putting it down. I hung onto
  every word that I read. I felt like I was in Lisa's world and was
  feeling her emotions, her highs and lows.
  Your story, Pops and Sunshine, has made me see just how
  hard these ladies have to work to get to where they are today.
  Joanne Harris
  Grimesland, N.C.

  I want to congratulate you on a wonderful story. I had a  
  lump in my throat, tears in my eyes, and laughter throughout
  the whole book. It was a great experience.
  Doug Nelson
  Green Valley, Az.

  Whether you know golf or not, Pops and Sunshine is a book
  to make you feel good about life and people. I am the daughter
  of, but not myself a golfer, so I know only what I learned in this
  amazing book and some comments from my dad. But as an
  avid reader, I found this story pleasantly suspenseful and the
  characters so full of the kind, caring quality of life inside and
  out, that this world sorely needs more examples of, that I could     not put it down until I had gone cover to cover. I am glad there
  is a sequel in the works and await it impatiently. And I hope
  Mr. Andrews does not stop there! His talent is a true and
  uplifting gift for all of us to enjoy.
  Patti Hummel
  Houston, Tx.

  Smile, cry, and laugh; it's golf. Pops and Sunshine gives us
  an honest slice of golf and life. If you have ever struggled with
  the hazards of either, author Dave Andrews will have you
  hooked and asking for more!
  Craig Lock
  Denton, Tx.
  It was a fabulous story and you captured all the “right stuff” –  
  the drama, humor, pathos, suspense, and the exhilarating  
  feeling of watching a 60-foot putt approach the cup.
  Thank you for sharing your novel.  
  Fran Marshall
  Concord, N.H.

  That was the best book I have ever read. I caught myself  
'  choking up more than a few times during the book. I can really
  relate to Rob and Lisa, mostly because they are about my
  age. You really captured the love of two young kids.  It was  
  inspirational. Anyone who reads it will instantly fall in love with
  the characters and your writing. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC
  Great Job!
  Please keep writing novels
  Bobby O'Hara
  Concord, N.H.

  I Just finished Pops and Sunshine. I have never played golf but
  enjoy the game as a spectator. Rochester is host to the
  Wegman's LPGA tournament and I have always enjoyed the
  drama of that week. After reading Pops and Sunshine, next
  summer's event will be even more exciting for me.
  The joy of reading is to be effortlessly drawn into the story and
  to feel not only the emotions of the characters, but equally
  important, to be able to touch your own. Pops and Sunshine
  excels in both. I sure hope Mr. Andrews publishes a sequel
  Mike Broida
  Rochester, N.Y.
  Bravo!  I think it may well have as much  
  commercial promise as it has the game of golf nailed to a tee!
  Charles Scribner III
  New York, N.Y.
  OK, so perhaps the familiar cast of characters and the fact 
  that I learned to play at CCC are making this really special for 
  me, but I'm only at the end of Lisa's first round and I'm sitting 
  here all weepy and ripping through this novel when I'm
  supposed to be working.
  This is a terrific story. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and it's
  making me homesick!! I have no doubt some smart publisher  
  will jump on this.Good luck!
  Susan Browning
  Carefree, Az.

  Every golfer will LOVE this story. I think anyone who 
  reads it will love it also. It brought tears to my eyes.
  Excellent work!
  Russ Matthews
  Concord, N.H.

  If you're a golfer and you love New Hampshire, you must
  read Pops and Sunshine. From the description of the
  drive up I-93, to familiar spots in and around Concord, the
  author's love of the area is evident.
  Dave Andrews captured the motivation and drive of
  golfers at all levels in his story.
  If you haven't read the book, you must go out and get it.
  Rob Duval
  Bow, N.H.
  It is truly a wonderful story! I could not put it down until
  I finished it.
  Paula Davis
  Canal Winchester, Oh.

            "Absolutely fantastic!"
            "The best book I have
                      ever read"
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                         Latest Review
                        Golf For Women magazine
           "A wonderful book came across my desk
           recently, one that every fan of women's
           golf should read. I was hooked after the
           first 10 pages."

                                                                     Ashley Mayo
                                                                Associate Editor
                                               Golf For Women magazine
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                                  Women's Golf
          Women's GolfAustralia's leading golf
          magazine for women, calls Pops and Sunshine
          a novel that will make you laugh, cry and cheer

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         "the relationship between the two (main)
          characters is compelling... a gamut of
                                                                    Jason Sobel
                                                                       Golf Editor
   Click here to read Sobel's entire review

              Hartford, Chip Shots blog
           "I  recommend the book for inspiration. If
            you don't shed a few tears along the nearly
            300 pages, you're not human. My daughter,
            Brooke, warned me and she was right.
                                                                   Bruce Berlet
                                                                 Golf Columnist
                                   "Chip Shots", Hartford
   Click here to read Berlet's's entire review

                      Schenectady, N.Y. Daily Gazette
           "I couldn't put the novel down... You don't
            have to be hooked on golf to enjoy Dave
            Andrews' first novel, "Pops and Sunshine."
            Andrews  really captures what the
            FUTURES Tour is all about."
                                                                   Bob Weiner
                                                             Sports Columnist
                                           Schenectady Daily Gazette
   Click here to read Weiner's entire review

                        New Hampshire magazine
           "... writer hits hole in one with first novel...
           a wholesome read for anyone, any age,
           golfers and non-golfers alike."            
                                                                    Lisa Brown
                                                          Contributing Writer
                                           New Hampshire magazine
Click here to read Brown's entire review

                        Tee Time magazine
           "... a story that will keep you reading
           until the wee hours of the night... Every
           emotion will be touched."
                                                               Mary E. Porter
                                                        Editor and Publisher
                                                     Tee Time magazine
Click here to read Porter's entire review

        "You may find yourself reaching for the
         tissue box  a few times as you cheer on
         this unlikey rookie and caddy pair."
                                          Mikele Albanese-St. Germain
                                                         Contributing Writer
  Click here to read Mikele's entire review  

           "The novel contains an entrancing
            story of life and loss, of rediscovery,
            in addition to some damned attractive
            characters...  A golf novel that deserves
            to make it big."
                                                                       Ron Mon
                                                          Contributing Writer
  Click here to read Ron Mon's entire review

                     Manchester Union Leader    
           "'s a perfect time to read Andrews' book
           and savor a word portrait of a small piece of 
           the Granite State."
                                                                   Joe Sullivan
                                                           Sports Columnist
                                           Manchester Union Leader
  Click here to read Sullivan's entire review

         "I couldn't sleep last night and grabbed the
          book figuring I'd read a couple of pages.
         That was at midnight. I didn't stop until 4AM
         when I finished the 300-pager."
                                                               Andrew Brown
  Click here to read Brown's entire review
       The author discussing his novel on
                local television in Concord, N.H.
The author discussing his novel with Doris Ballard, 
  Host of "Coffee Chat" on  WKXL-AM Radio in 
  Concord, N.H.  Click here to listen to interview
    Dave is now writing the sequel to Pops and
    Sunshine. He hopes to have it completed in
    the summer of 2011. Click the title below to
    read the prologue and first chapter of the
    "work in progress" manuscript of...
                      Goodbye, Pops

The author and FUTURES Tour player, Amy Schmucker, with Charlie Sherman on his radio show on WGIR-AM 610, Manchester New Hampshire
Pops and Sunshine
Dave Andrews